Financing your studies

How can I pay for things in life while studying? This is a common question among individuals, especially adults, who are dreaming of studying. There are various options available and you should look into them already before applying for a study place.

The primary option for financing your studies is either student financial aid from Kela or adult education allowance from the Employment Fund. You can also spend your job alternation leave studying. If you are an unemployed jobseeker, you can ask the TE Office about the opportunity to study while receiving unemployment benefit.

Student financial aid

For whom: Full-time student over the age of 17
Please note: Your parents’ income affects your financial aid if you are under 20 years of age.
Granted by: Kela

Kela supervises the progress of your studies and may recover overpaid financial aid, if needed. Financial aid means a study grant, a government guarantee for a student loan and a supplementary allowance for the purchase of study materials.

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Supplementary allowance for the purchase of study materials

For whom: A VET student under the age of 20 who is living with their parents or under the age of 18 and living independently
Please note: You can receive a supplementary allowance for the purchase of study materials only if your parents’ income is no more than EUR 41 100 per year.
Granted by: Kela

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School transport subsidy

For whom: A full-time student studying for a vocational qualification or a student studying in VALMA
Please note: You can apply for school transport subsidy if your daily distance from home to school is more than 10 km one way, the costs for your travels to and from school are at least EUR 54 per month and you make at least 7 one-way trips to or from school per week.
Granted by: Kela

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Adult education allowance

For whom: A full-time student who is taking time off work in the form of unpaid study leave
Please note: When receiving the full adult education allowance, you are allowed to earn no more than EUR 250 per month.
Granted by: Employment Fund

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Independent study supported by unemployment benefit

For whom: An unemployed jobseeker over the age of 25
Please note: The TE Office assesses whether the applicant needs education and training and if studying will improve the applicant’s vocational skills and their chances in the job market. You need to apply for the right to study supported by unemployment benefit before the studies begin.
Granted by: TE Services

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Studying during job alternation leave

For whom: A person taking job alternation leave
Granted by: Kela / Unemployment fund

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