Savonlinnan ammatti- ja aikuisopisto SAMI/Savonlinna Vocational College SAMI

SAMI is an upper secondary vocational education college in the town of Savonlinna. The maintaining authority is a federation of six municipalities in the Savonlinna region. Savonlinna is a town of about 36 000 inhabitants, situated in the middle of a large lake district in eastern Finland, c. 330 km from Helsinki. The main sources of livelihood are tourism, wood, mechanical, electrical and electronics engineering industries.

The number of students in SAMI is c. 2000, two thirds studying in youth education, aged 16-19, for several basic vocational qualifications, one third of the total number are adult students either in basic vocational education,  further or specialist qualifications or in apprenticeship training. Most of the students come from Savonlinna and the surrounding villages, a large number also from all over Finland. The total number of staff in SAMI is 250.


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