Welcome to Samiedu!

Continuous admission allows you to apply to study at any time

Who can apply?

Anyone, including you. Learn a new profession, obtain further education in your field or improve your competence as much as the situation requires.

What can I study?

We offer over 40 qualifications so you have plenty of options to choose from! You can complete a full qualification or individual units of any qualification. In addition, you can attend card and certificate training courses to obtain a hygiene passport, an alcohol passport or a hot work card. If you are not yet sure what you are interested in, take a time-out and study in preparatory education.

  • Vocational qualifications
  • Further and specialist vocational qualifications
  • Units from any qualification
  • Preparatory education, TUVA
  • Certificate and card training courses

If you have already secured a job in a particular field, we can help you study in apprenticeship training to complete a vocational qualification or individual qualification units.

When can I apply?

At any time during the year! The application period is continuous, and you can start studying almost any qualification with us every month (except July) or as soon as courses become available.

How do I apply?

First, browse our fields of education and training. Once you have found a suitable option, fill in the application on the page of the field you chose. We will then invite you to an interview.

If you want to study individual units of a particular qualification, apply to study the qualification and use the field for more information on the application form to state that you are only applying to study one or several units of the qualification.

Do you still have questions? Contact us!      

Student Affairs Office
tel. +358 15 550 6000

  1. Motivation to study and find employment in the field
  2. Applicant’s need for education and training
  3. Need to expand competence (new competence area or qualification unit, further or specialist vocational qualification)
  4. Grades of previous certificates
  5. Lack of a prior qualification when applying to study a vocational qualification
  6. Work experience
  7. Adequate prerequisites to successfully complete the education and training and obtain a qualification (life management, resources, finances, sufficient knowledge of field-specific Finnish, driving license category in some qualifications, and sufficient existing vocational competence when pursuing a further or a specialist vocational qualification)
  8. Health requirements in particular fields according to the SORA legislation
  9. Result of the entrance and aptitude test in qualifications where a separate test is organized