Study in apprenticeship training

Apprenticeship training provides a flexible, individualized and practical way to learn a profession. It is suitable for people of all ages. You train while working, you get a salary and work experience. Apprenticeship training requires a job where the learning takes place, and your employer needs to agree to their training role.

We provide help and guidance to students and companies in any apprenticeship training issues concerning all upper secondary vocational qualifications regardless of the company’s line of business.

Our chief operating area consists of the municipalities of our municipal federation of education: Enonkoski, Kitee, Parikkala, Savonlinna, Sulkava and Rantasalmi.


  • can be under a new or an existing employment contract, including with an entrepreneur
  • can be included in the student’s vocational qualification also during studies
  • minimum working hours 25 h per week
  • roughly 80% of the time spent studying is on-the-job learning
  • on-the-job learning is supplemented with studies conducted in the learning environments of the educational institution
  • the apprentice can pursue a vocational qualification, a further vocational qualification, a specialist vocational qualification or a qualification unit or other education that supplements vocational competence.

More information about apprenticeship training for students, entrepreneurs and employers is available here.