Make your business idea a reality!

Could you be self-employed in the future? What skills would you need, in addition to professional competence? When you study here at Samiedu, you have the opportunity to include entrepreneurship studies in your vocational studies. You will get a taste of entrepreneurship in the form of an introduction to basic entrepreneurial knowledge. As a JA entrepreneur, you can test the feasibility of your business idea, practice entrepreneurship and take the first steps towards starting a company of your own or acquiring an existing company through a change of ownership.

We work in cooperation with, e.g., the Enterprise Agency of Eastern Finland.

JA Company Program – learning entrepreneurship by doing

The JA Company Program is an entrepreneurship programme for students in upper secondary school, secondary school and higher education. During the programme, the participants establish a JA company that operates using real money and proceed to run the company for a school term, a school year or a calendar year. Running the company develops the participants’ entrepreneurship and working life skills and financial literacy in a fun, practical way. The programme is always part of the education provided at the educational institution, and the teacher is in charge of its practical implementation.

Steps of the programme

  • Introduction to entrepreneurship, competence and business idea
  • Starting a business and clarifying the business idea
  • Monitoring business activities, development and reporting
  • Closing down the business, assessment and the future

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The JA Company Program is suitable for you no matter which field you are studying. Entrepreneurship skills are sure to come in handy in your career. You can take part in the JA Company Program regardless of whether you have already come up with a business idea or not.

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