Erasmus+ KA2 GreenVETnet 




 In order to reach these goals and to educate a new generation of sustainable future agents, we want establish a strong transnational expert network and launch the GreenVETnet project as a platform for the exchange of experiences and know-how, as well as identification of best practices on how VET can act as a bridge to the sustainable development of working life, finally making wider impact on the society. While we are open to discuss and design the final project concept with our partners, the overall development objective of the project is tentatively planned around further mainstreaming of the integration of sustainability aspects in VET by further improving the VET teachers’ professional competences in sustainable development.  

Potential benefits 

The planned implementation of the project is expected to take a so-called hybrid model, consisting of virtual cooperation (such as thematic seminars targeting both staff and management of the educational establishments) and physical study visits for VET subject teachers and/or other staff, exposing the sustainability potentials of different fields of study (such as green tourism, sustainable construction industry, environment friendly transport, etc.). Moreover, the project facilitates an inventory of good practices and knowledge on how to promote and integrate sustainable development aspects in all learning and teaching and further, across all operations of the vocational training centres. 

Project partners

Savo Consortium for Education, Finland, Nätverk Westum, Sweden, Noordenport, Netherlands, Armenia Eskola College, Spain, Cork Educationa and Training Board, Ireland, Institute of Entrepreneurship, Greece, CAM Consulting Kft, Hungary, Italy for EU, Italy, CEED, Bulgaria, Samiedu, Finland 


Total Budget 261 980€, Samiedu 26 270€.

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